The Taalhuis is a cooperation of several local organisations.

The Taalhuis was started in cooperation with the Municipality, the Bibliotheek Haarlemmermeer, ROC van Amsterdam, Meerwaarde, Vluchtelingenwerk (Taal op Maat) and the Spaarne Gasthuis, with guidance by Stichting Lezen & Schrijven. The goal is to combat illiteracy with the use of an effective network organisation, with a combination of formal and non-formal educational supply.

  • Gemeente

    The municipality Haarlemmermeer has 153,915 inhabitants (2019). The municipality stresses the fact that everyone should be able to participate in society, that also goes for illiterates. The goal is to achieve diplomas and raise the language level.
    Reducing illiteracy (writing, simple math and digital) is the main goal of the Adult education policy. This will serve to give illiterates more opportunities to participate in society and also to give them better chances at the labour market.

    Website Gemeente Haarlemmermeer

  • Bibliotheek Haarlemmermeer

    The mission of the Bibliotheek Haarlemmermeer is to stimulate participation in culture and education by actively providing a physical and digital collection, cultural activities and a neutral and safe meeting place. The collection offers inspiration and information, and with that it stimulates the personal and societal development of the inhabitants of Haarlemmermeer.

    The Bibliotheek facilitates space for the Taalhuis. The Bibliotheek also takes care of the collection and use of practice and course books and digital practice programs. Besides that, the Bibliotheek also manages the computers, communication and PR of the Taalhuis. Lastly the Bibliotheek is responsible for keeping the website and social media up-to-date.

    Website Bibliotheek Haarlemmermeer

  • TopTaal

    TopTaal provides formal supply in the form of naturalisation courses and language education. TopTaal is committed every day with a great deal of energy to ensure that everyone can participate to the maximum in the Netherlands. Everything we do at TopTaal comes from our passion: we want to ensure that everyone in the Netherlands has a command of Dutch culture and language in such a way that he or she can participate. Because participating leads to development and that makes people happier. That is what drives us!

    Because we believe that you learn the language best by aligning it as much as possible with personal goals, talents and practice, our teaching programs are tailor-made and we have developed our own method and methods. We guide students individually and work closely with other involved parties.
    Regarding the Taalhuis TopTaal has naturalisation courses and language education.

    Website TopTaal

  • SIPI

    Language is essential to participation. That is Sipi’s vision. That’s why we offer Dutch language courses since 2005. With our courses you learn to speak, understand, read and write the Dutch language. This way you can talk to your neighbors more easily and you have more chances of getting the job that you want. In short: you can participate in the Netherlands! Sipi is responsible for the formal language education in Haarlemmermeer. This education is subsidized by the municipality.
    • Stichting Interculturele Participatie en Integratie
    • Mission: helping people “taking matters into their own hands”
    • Sipi develops and connects societal insights to scientific knowledge.
    • Expertise & partner in the Social Domain, focusing on reach, culture sensitivity and hard to reach target groups.

    Course offer:
    • Naturalizing, knowledge of Dutch society
    -Experienced and qualified teachers
    -A lot of experience with literacy and naturalization (level A1/A2)

    Gunning Amsterdam stadsbreed & regional municipalities among which Haarlemmermeer
    • NT1 reading and writing
    • NT1 financial knowledge and skills
    • Taal op maat
    • Digital skills

    Target group (Who is the NT1?)
    • Born in NL or living in the Netherlands for a long time
    • Speaking at B1 level: independent user
    • Dutch or a different language as mother tongue
    • Wants to work on reading and writing
    • Sometimes wants to work on digital skills

    Website taalschool SIPI

  • MeerWaarde

    MeerWaarde is a welfare organization and also the largest non-formal language provider in Haarlemmermeer. Social workers dedicate themselves to youths and adults by strengthening social networks, stimulating inhabitants to be socially active, facilitating inhabitants’ initiatives, preventing problems or getting to them early to prevent them from becoming worse. MeerWaarde works closely together with local and regional (social) organizations and the municipality. This is to enlarge the self-sufficiency so that everyone can take care of themselves, for example by providing language courses.

    Website MeerWaarde

  • VluchtelingenWerk (Taal op Maat)

    For a number of years Vluchtelingenwerk has carried out the “Taal op maat” project. This is a (non-formal language)project for status holders and other non-Dutch new inhabitants of Haarlemmermeer. In practice it appears that following a course alone is not enough. Especially practicing and using Dutch daily contributes to a successful language acquisition. The everyday practice is hard for them to realize on their own. For this reason a lot of volunteers are active all over the Netherlands as individual language coach for those of a different language. In Haarlemmermeer as well. That status holders are coupled with a volunteer. On average a couple is together for a year. There are group meetings and a possibility of practicing with language buddies as well as individual counseling. This route can give an extra impulse to different routes, especially when it comes to work, income and entrepreneurship.

    Website VluchtelingenWerk (Taal op Maat)

  • Spaarne Gasthuis

    As hospital for the regions Haarlemmermeer and Haarlem the Spaarne Gasthuis wants to give attention to low literacy, because they are convinced that working on language is part of working on health. As one of the biggest employers in the region, the medical specialists and employees see a lot of patients in all locations on a daily basis. The Spaarne Gasthuis is aware of their role in society and that they as hospital can make a crucial difference in combating low literacy.

    Working on literacy has the following positive effects:
    • Patients are better able to deal with disease and health
    • They better understand information about treatments
    • The communication between patient and caregiver is smoother
    • A more accessible and efficient health care is created
    • Spaarne Gasthuis offers an extra service that is directly part of hospitality, an important core value.

    Website Spaarne Gasthuis

  • Stichting Lezen & Schrijven

    Stichting Lezen & Schrijven is convinced that everyone in the Netherlands should be able to read, write, do arithmetic and handle a computer. The foundation makes low literacy a subject of public discourse and politics and supports hundreds of municipalities, institutions, companies, teachers and volunteers across the country with organizing education. Stichting Lezen & Schrijven also takes on a supporting and advising role in Haarlemmermeer with the formation of and giving substance to the Taalhuis, and the foundation facilitates organizations that dedicate themselves to educating those with low literacy.

    Website Stichting Lezen & Schrijven