About the Taalhuis

The Taalhuis is meant for everyone who wants to learn how to read and write, or wants to practice speaking. Here you will receive information or advice regarding language courses, practice materials and practicing with a language volunteer. Would you like to help someone improve their Dutch? You can apply at the Taalhuis!

During office hours someone will be at hand to help pick out a course that’s right for someone or can find someone who can help with the Dutch language.


  • There’s information on schools and courses of any level. We give you advice.
  • The Taalhuis has reading and study materials.
  • The Taalhuis has programs where you can practice language on the computers.

Note: we don’t teach directly!

The Taalhuis is a cooperation between the Library and local language chain partners.

The Taalhuis at the Bibliotheek Hoofddorp was opened in December 2016.