Taalhuis Hoofddorp

The Taalhuis is located on the ground floor of the Library Hoofddorp-Centrale. When you enter the Library, go straight ahead and you’re running up the Taalhuis desk.

De Bibliotheek Hoofddorp-Centrale
Raadhuisplein 7, 2132 TZ Hoofddorp

Phone: 023-5664872 (during opening hours)
Email: taalhuis@debibliotheekhaarlemmermeer.nl

Opening hours:
Please note: due to corona, all locations are temporarily closed.
The Taalhuis is only opened on Wednesday.
Wednesday: 14.00 – 17.00h.

Outside the opening hours of the Taalhuis you can leave your details with the employee of the Library. You will receive a call/email as soon as possible.